GETIT Technologies

We bring to the market, a new solution where your brand and your profit matter


Our white label solution makes our solution yours! Your brand, your visual identity.


Our solution brings a new possibility, nobody feels good having a large part of their profit being withdrawn due to lack of options.

Adapts to you

You want to change something, have specific functionality for your business. We solve it!

It's time to innovate

Solution for your business like never before

No matter your type of business

About GETIT Technologies

About Our Solution

We offer our clients a white label solution that empowers them with a custom application for mobile ordering, pick up and delivery to digitally transform their customer experience.

About Our Values

Imagine being able to market to your customer base via your own custom mobile application, while your customer gets a seamless mobile experience with your brand in the spotlight.

Our Team

People and businesses deserve a new option for mobile ordering,
pickup and delivery that is going to shake the market up. A Robin Hood tech that comes
along to give them a fighting chance to digitally transform into the mobile world with
their own brand front and centre.

Soon enough, everyone will GETIT.

— Ryan Hardy - Vice President, Relations - GETIT technologies

Meet our senior team

Ben Lacroix
Ryan Hardy
Alex Campagna

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